I'm Matt and I draw comics! Why is my site named My Blue Hoodie? I bought a really comfortable lapis blue hooded sweatshirt way back when I first began pursuing art at a professional capacity. It's lost its drawstrings and the color has faded a bit, but it's been with me through all the ups and downs that life has thrown at me and it seems to only get more comfortable as time goes by. It's not only a symbol of nostalgia for me, but I look good in blue and frankly, it's a lot easier for most people to spell and remember MyBlueHoodie than my last name!

I'm a self-taught artist with over ten years of professional graphic design experience and even longer illustration experience. I am currently updating my webcomic, Things Keep Happening, which has been running since June of 2015. I currently live in Kentucky with my cat, Midna.

Contact Info

I'm available for freelance contracts and commissions. You can contact me via email at